Programs & Rates

trainer_woman_stability_ball_weightsExclusive programs from Base guarantee impressive results.  You will gain strength of body and mind while building stamina and endurance.  Activities that may have seemed too difficult will now be accepted as welcomed challenges. Experience the confidence that comes with participation in athletic or recreational activities with less risk for injury.

Whether you are looking for a long-term lifestyle change or you need to prepare for a special occasion, Base has a program for you. Your goals can be reached through the program of your choice:  month-to-month, four-week quick fit or six-week shape up. Whichever you choose, results will follow.

Introductory Personal Training Session

If your thinking about starting an exercise program for the first time, need a change to your existing program or looking for a lifestyle change but not clear where to start then this introductory training program is for you.  Your  session will begin with a postural analysis, fitness assessment and nutritional consultation. Any starting place is a new beginning. Matthew or Melissa will work to your level. After a quick warm up on the bike or treadmill you will be ready for a healthy stretch and mindful exercise using your own body weight, free weights or resistance bands in the right combination and proper intensity to transform your body from the inside out.

1 Introductory Training Session $110    special $89 (Customized online fitness and nutrition plan included).

*New clients only


 For those who travel for business, models and actors in town for a temporary project, students with too many classes, moms juggling kids, this is the program for you. Whatever keeps your life busy,  Matthew or Melissa will work around your commitments. Sit down with us and plan out a schedule that fits your life.  Maybe 3 times per week works best or maybe 2 is better. The point is: it’s your call. No stress, just exactly what you want.

Single session /$110    

5 sessions $500  /$100 per hr        

10 sessions $950 / $95 per hr        

20 sessions $1800 / $90 per hr

 6-Week Shape Up Program

 If you’re seeking an exciting routine change, an experienced and dedicated trainer and a way to get fit, the 6-Week Program is for you. You will receive three hours of private training per week and will complete 18 hours of total body shaping satisfaction. Each hour will begin with a quick warm-up to get your muscles ready and your heart rate up.  After a healthy stretch, you will be feeling great and eager to hit the weights, start in on plyometric drills or rev up your cardiovascular strength.

$1,530/$85 per hr

 4-Week Fast Track Program

 This package is ideal for anyone seeking to shed those last few stubborn pounds and inches or anyone looking to tighten and tone before a special event. The 4-Week Fast Track Program is a commitment of five days per week – 20 hours total – of an intensive fitness program. You will be guided through a carefully designed routine that will vary from week to week as you become stronger and more balanced.

$1,600/$80 per hr