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“At Base being fit means more than just a flat stomach and tight buns… It’s about being strong, agile and energetic while having the confidence in your body to do the things you love.”

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In 1994 Matthew Cadorette and Melissa Ricci began establishing their reputations as top trainers while working for some of New York’s most exclusive health clubs.

By the end of the 90’s they established a private clientele and trained exclusively in peoples home or independent gyms located through out New York City.

In 2002 Matthew and Melissa created base fitness to better address individuals muscular imbalances and physical limitations that often hindered their sports performance and activities of daily living.

Clients range from students to business executives, from fashion models and seasoned athletes to sedentary individuals looking to make a lifestyle change. Matthew and Melissa combine their passion for athletics and dance with the most effective techniques in sports conditioning and fitness to help get their clients the most benefit and enjoyment from their workouts.


“our clients expect to become stronger and more energetic, what they are always amazed at is how much happier and healthier they become.”


NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
ACE (American Council on Exercise)
AFFA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America)
Kane School Of Core Integration
Pre/post natal (Reebok University)

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Even though I’m a very disciplined person, I’ve discovered having a trainer is invaluable. I know Melissa cares about me and can push me beyond what I’d do myself. I’m learning what I need, whether it’s keeping a check on my energy level or how to approach my weight training.

Florence S.

” I’m now an older guy in my 70’s, and Matt brings an intelligent balance of physical challenge and common sense to every session. I feel stronger and more agile than I ever thought possible.  Matt is both a superb training adviser and a great confidante and personal friend. I recommend him enthusiastically and without reservation.”

Fred B.

Since I started working out with Matt I’ve had no more problems with my back, in fact my entire body is the strongest it’s ever been. Not only have I seen great results but I am having fun as well. Working out safely and effectively is just too important to go it alone.

Bruce B.

I’m 53 now, and I have Parkinson’s disease. Matt trains me not toward somebody else’s ideal goal – but mine. He pushes me when I should be pushed, and when I’m too shaky to do much, he still finds things that stretch me, challenge me, and keep me feeling and looking strong. I trust Matt completely, and I know I couldn’t go through this illness without him.

Ed S.


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