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At Base we believe being fit means more than having a flat stomach and tight buns;  it’s about being strong, agile and energetic while having the confidence in your body to do the things you love.

We’re a fully integrated personal training company with a passion for improving our clients athletic performance, functional capacity and ability to listen to the body. We invite you to dig deeper into our toolbox and let us know if you’d like to chat about any of our capabilities.

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Have a question? No problem. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries regarding your training. In the mean time you may find our frequently asked questions support area helpful.


What can I expect during my consultation?

Your free 25 minute consultation will take place vertually using zoom or over the phone.  At that time we’ll establish what your fitness goals and needs are; plan a course of action and address any questions or concerns regarding your taining.  

How much space do I need to train at home?

Not as much as you may think. We’ve been at this a long, long time so we know how to make a small space work. There are lots of options available to take advantage of small spaces. We’ll show you how.

Do I need any special equipment?

It depends… All programs are taylored to your individual needs and goals. Some programs can be designed to use only your body weight. Others may include free weights, bands or other small props. Once you settle on a plan we’ll make any neccessary reccomendations.

What kind of device do I need to do vertual training?

A laptop, iPad or tablet generally work best since they have a fairly large display and could be moved easily. However, any device that has a camera will work. 

What should I do if my Wifi signal is not that great

Wifi signal strength may vary by carrierr, Transfer speed, location of your modem and even the thickness of your walls . Solutions may include upgrading your  internet plan to include a higher transfer speed or adding a wifi extender like erros which I can attest is fantastic and well worth it.