What our clients are saying:

“Even though I’m a very disciplined person, I’ve discovered having a trainer is invaluable. I know Melissa cares about me and can push me beyond what I’d do myself. I’m learning what I need, whether it’s keeping a check on my energy level or how to approach my weight training.”

–Florence S.
School Teacher

“Since I started working out with Matt I’ve had no more problems with my back, in fact my entire body is the strongest it’s ever been. Not only have I seen great results but I am having fun as well. Working out safely and effectively is just too important to go it alone.”

–Bruce B.
Marketing Executive


“I have trained with Matt on a continuous basis since 1993. Matt is a superb personal trainer–knowledgeable, trustworthy, considerate. I’m now an older guy in my 70’s, and Matt brings an intelligent balance of physical challenge and common sense to every session. I feel stronger and more agile than I ever thought possible.  Matt is both a superb training adviser and a great confidante and personal friend. I recommend him enthusiastically and without reservation.”

–Fred B. CFO; Retired

I’ve been working with Matt Cadorette for about 20 years. He’s seen me through both celebrations and tragedies. I’m 53 now, and I have Parkinson’s disease. Matt trains me not toward somebody else’s ideal goal – but mine. He pushes me when I should be pushed, and when I’m too shaky to do much, he still finds things that stretch me, challenge me, and keep me feeling and looking strong. I trust Matt completely, and I know I couldn’t go through this illness without him.

–Ed S.  Author, Retired Professor