1 Personal Training session +

1 customized BaseBodyPro online fitness program +

1 month full access to BaseBodyPro nutrition platform

Integrated personal training for the way you want to live…

Fitness made simple

Our introductory personal training program has all the tools, information and support you need to be successful straight out of the box.

Individualized programs

Your training program begins with a consultation and guided workout specific to your individual needs and goals. All you need is the desire to reach your goals and we’ll help you map the road towards long term fitness success.


The tools you want • The support you need 

Fitness {re} defined


View, track and edit your customized fitness and nutrition program where ever and when ever you need it from any desktop or mobile device. 

Our fitness and nutrition platform works with you like your OWN PRIVATE COACH AND DIETITIAN  to help you follow your exercise program and create balanced meals plans using your favorite foods to support your fitness and nutritional goals and needs.



With more than 20 years in the fitness industry and over 52,000 personal training sessions under our belt we have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve a lifetime of health and fitness success.

Training sessions

Unbelievable support

From our online fitness and nutrition platform to our caring and supportive approach we can help you stay on track with continued opportunities to enjoy yourself and feel successful along the way.


Epic dedication • Unbelievable support • Amazing results