Base Personal Training

Discover how an integrated personal training program can help you get the most out of life…


Who we are

Base Fitness is a New York City based private personal training company that creates and implements individualized fitness programs designed to achieve our clients fitness objectives safely and efficiently.



With 20 years in the fitness industry and over 35,000 personal training sessions under our belt we have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve a lifetime of fitness success.


From our online fitness and nutrition platform to our caring and supportive approach we can help you stay on track with continued opportunities to enjoy yourself and feel successful along the way.


Strength & Conditioning

  • Optimal fitness and endurance.
  • Core strength and power.
  • A lean, conditioned physique.

Sports-Specific Training

  • Getting that competitive edge.
  • Improving performance.
  • Being the best you can be.

Weight Loss

  • Making weight loss a reality
  • Nutrition made simple.
  • A new way to see yourself.


  • Improving functional capacity.
  • Restoring overall strength.
  • Injury prevention.



The tools you want.

The support you need.

When it comes to getting plenty of exercise and eating well sometimes all it takes are the right tools to help you stay on track. We’ve put together  a state of the art fitness and nutrition platform that will help you get the support you need where ever and when ever you need it.